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Weather doesn't stop, neither do you.

Your activity's weather and air quality at-a-glance - in your training log, on your device. Automatically.

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Weather and air quality where you want it, how you want it.

Choose the data, set your format, label it how you want - even use your own language.

Klimat in action



- Process up to 90 activities.**
- Weather conditions from the beginning of your activity in your training log automatically.
- Weather emoji from the beginning of your activity in the title automatically.***
- Settings page where you can choose if you want weather conditions and/or emojis added to your activities and can set your weather summary language and units.
- Activities page where you can see a 14-day average of the conditions you've been active in.
- Pause activity processing at any time.


For $5* a year you get everything in free plus:
- Process unlimited activities.
- Choose your weather provider.
- Weather conditions from the middle, end, minimum and maximum altitudes of your activity.
- Air quality data.
- Weather export.
- Add city/region name to your activity's title.***
- Full access to all data: Activity Feel, Activity Time, Cloud Cover, Dew Point, Feels Like Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Altitude Corrected Pressure, Temperature, UV Index, Visibility, Weather Summary, Weather Emojis, Wind Bearing, Wind Speed, Beaufort Scale Wind Speed, Wind Speed in Knots, Wind Gust Speed, US EPA air quality data.
- Choose your weather format: default, compact or custom. With custom you can you can include words or descriptions in any language, organize the fields in any order and remove or add any fields you want.
- Label the weather or not, e.g. 75°F vs 75.
- Include weather for virtual activities.***
- Set where weather appears when there is already an activity description.***
- No branding; remove " - by Klimat.app" from your weather description.
You can cancel your subscription at any time.

* USD, does not include any applicable local taxes.
** Decathlon, Nolio & Ride with GPS still process unlimited activities.
*** Not yet available for Suunto or Under Armour Connected Fitness apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything?

No. Just connect Klimat to your training log and it handles the rest. All processing is done in the cloud.

Why do you need access to my profile and activity data?

So Klimat can add weather and air quality information to your activities.

What training log data do you store?

- The activity id for activities that are processed.
- Activity start times so we can sort your activities page.
- Non-identifying information necessary to communicate with your training log on your behalf.

My Garmin/Wahoo/... device already does this.

I ride with various devices and apps. Some record temperature during the ride, some don't. None of them record full weather conditions or air quality so I built Klimat.
If you already have all the information you want where you want it then Klimat might not be for you. Thanks for checking it out :)

What do you use for subscription processing?

Klimat's payments are managed by FastSpring. Using FastSpring allows Klimat to accept payments in a variety of ways (PayPal, credit card, etc) and have no knowledge of the those details. All storage and processing is handled by FastSpring. If you have any questions or concerns please email us.

How long does it take to update my activity?

Updates normally happen within a few minutes of your activity uploading to your training log, however there are times when the internet is slow. This is rare, but when it happens it can take up to a few hours to process an activity.

How do I stop using it and delete my data?

If you'd like to stop using Klimat just go to your training log and remove Klimat's access.

How does it work?

After you upload or update an activity Klimat looks up the data for the time and location of the activity. It then adds the conditions you want to the activity's description. Should you already have a description Klimat will add the weather to it.

Does Klimat store GPS data?

No. GPS information is used for data lookup and immediately discarded - Klimat does not store GPS information.

Which weather provider?

It depends. I recommend checking them all and using the one that is more accurate in your area.

What is Activity Feel?

Activity Feel is a measure of what it really felt like when you were out there.
Klimat extracts details from your activity and the weather and uses them to calculate the temperature you felt during your activity.

How do I login?

Click on the Connect button for your training log on this page. You'll be asked to login to your training log, then you will be forwarded to your activities and settings pages.

Wind direction isn't in my native language.

If you aren't seeing wind direction localized it's because Klimat doesn't have compass headings for your language. Please send an email (support@klimat.app) and I'll take care of it.

I connected my account, but I don't see weather in my activities.

Klimat won't populate weather for activities that are missing GPS information. If you aren't seeing weather for activities that have GPS information please email support (support@klimat.app).

Where did Klimat come from?

Checkout the blog to hear how Klimat came to be and what's going on with it.

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Compatible with Decathlon
Compatible with Suunto
Compatible with Nolio
Compatible with Strava
Compatible with Ride With GPS
Compatible with Under Armour Connected Fitness

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